Difference Between Boy & Girl Feeling in love

No difference!!! Love is a beautiful emotion and everyone feels the same happiness and joy when they are in love. As a girl I used to think that girls are much more sensitive and they feel more, they care more etc etc..... but now when I look at my husband and feel the love that he has towards me.... with no doubt I can say there is no difference between between a boy's love or a girl's love... The feeling of LOVE is all that matters!!!

Boy & Girl Feelings In Love

Love Plays no Difference between Boy  & a Girl if there in "TRUE LOVE"

when a Boy praposed to Girl firstly, you need to be sure of what you want to say. If you are not that confident, you must do some preparation and write down all your thoughts on a piece of paper. It would be so embarrassing if you start groping for interesting topics before her. And fumbling of words is a no-no before girls because it shows you lack confidence and girls like confident guys. So note down your words and be confident before you approach her.

when a Girl praposed to Boy She Purchase a ring that would appeal to the man, just as the man would buy a ring to appeal to a woman, and show him that you care and want to be with him in marriage (in your own way). Show him the ring and ask him if he'll marry you.

Dropping to one knee would be to show the seriousness of the question and to make yourself vulnerable to the other, as a man would do for a woman.